I'm excited to begin a new season of summer workshops at the beautiful Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek, WI.

This year, I'll be offering two classes:

Sketching with Water-Soluble Ink, Pencils, and Colored Pencils
June 15, 16, 17 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Expressive Drawing in Pen and Ink
August 17, 18, 19 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


In Sketching with Water-Soluble Ink, Pencils, and Colored Pencil, we'll be creating sketches and drawings with water-soluble pencils (Sketch 'n Wash) first, then moving on to looser sketches with a black water-soluble ink pen. This pen plus a water brush allows you to quickly sketch a scene and add values in just minutes! I take my water-soluble pen and water brush to Paris every time I go. It's one of the first things I pack.

After working in black and white the first 1-1/2 days, we'll turn to color and review the color wheel and practice layering color with the watercolor pencils. Layering color helps create depth in color sketches and drawings. We'll be sketching and drawing flowers first, and then applying our knowledge to a landscape drawing.

I encourage my students to use more than one of the water-soluble media in a drawing. Since the media produce different styles, the mixed media piece is fun to do and can show off your creativity!


Expressive Drawing in Pen & Ink is a class in which we learn and practice the different types of strokes used in pen & ink drawings. We'll start with a few exercises for you to practice the strokes and create value with them. Next, we'll apply those strokes and create value in drawings of flowers and barns. Finally, you'll apply all you've learned to a drawing of your choice--landscape, garden, or cityscape. We'll also play with watercolor washes on our drawings to add the dimension of color. This is my area of specialty, as you may know.

I love pen & ink drawing, and I'm excited to share its beauty and its challenges with you!


Finally, for the first time, I'm teaching a pen & ink drawing class to teens! I've had teens in my adult classes, and they've done extraordinary work. This class is:

Exploring the Art of Realistic Drawing and is on July 27-30 at 1-3:30 p.m. on each of the four days. We'll practice the strokes of pen & ink drawing and apply those to drawings of flowers and a still life or two. Our final drawing will be of a landscape or a floral arrangement or garden. We'll even experiment with watercolor washes on the last day.


I'm really looking forward to teaching this summer! Teaching is one of my passions, and I enjoy watching my students progress and seeing the spark of creativity in their eyes. They always inspire me in my work.

Have a wonderful summer, and I hope to see you in one of my classes!


Maren Larsen