I hope everyone is having a great summer. We've had lots of rain up here in Door County, so the grass is a deep green and the gardens are lush with flowers. The corn is as tall as I am (over 5-1/2 feet)!

After designing, painting, and decorating my egg last year, I became interested in doing more with air-drying clay. Just for fun, I created two new pieces featuring table place settings with the clay. I hand-painted each of the clay items in acrylics. Then, I covered both completed table settings in resin to keep everything in place and to add a shine and a finished look. My two new pieces for sale are:

  • Summer Picnic
  • Thanksgiving Dinner

I even included food items on these pieces. I had so much fun creating these and experimenting with fabric, shapes, and colors. Along with a view of the entire piece, I provided a couple close-ups. 

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I'm teaching a pen & ink class to kids later this month. I'm excited to be introducing this medium to different age groups.

And I'm getting back to painting in watercolor. I've got some beautiful flowers to inspire me!

Enjoy these summer days with green grass, lemonade stands, softball games, and swimming.