Thank you for coming to  We have completely redesigned the site, expanded the product offering, and added some incredible artists that I vetted and met over the last few years.

We offer prints and originals of my artwork, done in watercolor with pen & ink.  The prints have been color-matched to the originals and formatted to replicate the look and feel of watercolor and pen & ink on watercolor paper.  They are not photographs of the originals. They are nearly identical duplicates with watercolor pigments on watercolor paper.

We have original works from the incredibly talented Ashleigh Sumner from Los Angeles, a mixed media artist who pours meaning and symbolism into her incredible pieces, which are painted on unique materials like birch and bamboo.

We also have a new artist to our store that I met in Europe.  She is from Barcelona and her name is Adrianna Savedra.  She paints large, thought-provoking pieces that have a beautiful symmetry to them.  I could not be prouder to call her a colleague.

Look for three more artists, all who work with different media, to join the store in the next few weeks!!

Enjoy, and feel free to email me or post any questions on Facebook anytime!