When I look outside and see the several feet of snow piled in my driveway, I don't think of the arrival of spring.  But the excitement and activity of shopkeepers and artists up here tells me that it's time to ramp up for the summer season.  In the summer, our Door County Arts League is very active and runs a gallery.  I'm looking forward to exhibiting in the League's gallery for the first time.

I'm realizing now that I'm past the winter months I use to create new paintings for the summer. Does anyone else feel that crunch?  I loved my winter this year.  I spent the time honing my drawing and painting skills and taking a couple classes. 

I added more products to the site that came from my exploration of drawing in colored pencil and pen and ink this winter.  I'm teaching a pen and ink drawing course at the Peninsula School of Art this summer, and I'm enjoying revisiting techniques while I work on new pieces.

Have a wonderful spring!
-- Maren Larsen