"The season," as we call it in Door County, begins Memorial Day weekend. At that time, all shops open, galleries host receptions, and tourist activities begin.  From May through October, Door County is a mecca for vacationers from all around the midwest--Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and of course, Wisconsin.

We artists up here bring out what we've been working on all winter and assess what we can include in the galleries that represent us.  This year, for the first time, I'm a member of the Door County Art League (DCAL). This is a wonderful, friendly, talented group of artists who display their work in the Door County Art League Gallery in Fish Creek, WI.  If you're familiar with Door County, the gallery is in a group of shops called the "Top of the Hill Shops" in Fish Creak. So the gallery is not too far away from the Peninsula School of Art.  I'm showing several pieces in the DCAL gallery and will take my turns working there as well.  I'm excited to be part of this group.

Along with preparing pieces for the gallery and working there, I'm teaching three classes at the Peninsula School of Art this summer. Here are the dates and descriptions:

  • June 21-22 (Friday and Saturday) - "Sketch With Water-Soluble Ink, Pencils, and Colored Pencils."  We'll be using "Sketch-n-Wash" pencils with water to add interest to black and white sketches.  We'll also do that with markers.  I've got a variety of items to sketch, but I want to stress that these media are great for travel.  For your brush, you can use a water brush that includes a container of water.  On the second day, we'll work with watercolor pencils.
  • July 1-3 (Monday-Wednesday) - "Your First Painting in Watercolor." This is my beginning watercolor class. We go over the basics of mixing colors, using washes, adding different textures, and just becoming comfortable working in this medium. I love teaching beginners! And last year, I had a wonderful group. I hope to see some familiar faces and some new ones this year.  Each student who takes this class will get a Sennelier watercolor kit (valued at $75) to take home after class. The kit includes a #3 round sable brush and 14 colors.
  • August 26-28 (Monday-Wednesday) - "Expressive Drawing in Pen and Ink." Students in this class should have some familiarity with basic drawing concepts, like proportion, shape, and value.  We'll draw various items in pen and ink including flowers, buildings, foliage, and sky.  This medium can be loose or tight. The key is experimenting to find what you like.  And I encourage doodling in this class.

I hope some of you can take these classes.  I love to teach and I'm excited to do so this summer at the Peninsula School of Art.

I'll be updating the site with new art from two artists, who I'll introduce in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Summer!

- Maren Larsen