Door County is in the midst of its busy season. Concerts of every type of music, and gallery shows of all types of art abound. Classes are in session almost every day at the Peninsula School of Art.

If you've looked at our "Classes and Shows" page, you've noticed that August is a busy and exciting month for me with shows and my last class of the season, "Expressive Drawing in Pen and Ink."

For my "Artist of the Week" show at the Door County Art League Gallery, I wanted to create a theme to tie my work together. One of my favorite places on earth is Alaska. I'll have a variety of paintings depicting various aspects of Alaska in my show.

If you're in Northern Wisconsin, stop by the Door County Art League Gallery. It's in Fish Creek in a group of shops called the "Top of the Hill Shops." Since the gallery is a co-op, all of us artists take turns working there. I enjoy talking with the people who come in and browse and hear where they're from and what art interests them.

I hope you're adding some art to your summer, either by taking a class or browsing through a gallery.