Last week, I taught a 3-day class on pen and ink drawing.  I enjoyed the preparation and the teaching of the class because I got to draw in pen and ink for several days in a row.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this medium and how exciting it was to see parallel lines and a few scribbles make scenes realistic.  I showed my students the book Treasury of Pen-and-Ink Illustration, 1881-1938: 236 Drawings by 103 Artists by Fridolf Johnson. The illustrations depicted scenes in everyday American life, and some of them came from Life magazine.  The captions for some of the drawings were quite entertaining, too.

I don't see many pen and ink drawings these days. I see them with watercolor, an art that I do, but not many pure pen and ink illustrations. Is this a lost art?  I hope not. I'm going to get back to more pen and ink drawing, so you'll probably see more of these drawings on the site. I encourage you to pick up a fine line pen, like a Micron pen (no more dipping a pen in an ink bottle), and try some scribbles and lines and see what you get.


Happy drawing.

- Maren