I looked at my previous blogs, and I realized that the last one I wrote was on September 3. Wow. September and October flew by, and now the November chill has come to northern Wisconsin. I love this time of year, though. When I think of November, I recall memories of baking pumpkin pies, sipping hot apple cider, and sitting by the fire in my favorite blanket reading a good book.  Now, I also think of November as the beginning of the "slow" season up here, which is a great time to concentrate fully on my painting.

I've completed the painting for my holiday card.  It's a little unusual.  I'll let you wait for the newsletter to see what it is. I hope you'll like it. I painted it three times in three different ways, and I'll also post the other two versions I painted after the newsletter is published

Have a good week. Sip some apple cider and stay warm!

- Maren