About Us

MarenLarsen.com features and sells attractive and unique artwork in multiple media. 

I am Maren Larsen, the owner and artist-in-residence, and I live in Egg Harbor in lovely Door County, Wisconsin.  This area has been a retreat for artists and art lovers for over a century.

This site represents a small group of talented artists who work in different media to show artwork that appeals to a large audience.

My Work
Most of my work is in watercolor with pen and ink.  I also create pen and ink drawings and watercolor pencil paintings.  Nearly all my paintings are available as originals and limited edition prints.  

Production Process
I am as proud of my printing process as I am of my artwork.  I took six years to perfect the process.  I use a special print and color match system, along with individual manual adjustments to each print master.  This results in a print that almost perfectly resembles the original.  My prints are created in-house in a state-of-the-art lab.  I print on the best Crane stationery and Arches cold-press watercolor papers using actual watercolor pigments, instead of traditional printer inks.

Special Requests
If you see a piece you want in a size that isn't listed, please send an email to commissions@marenlarsen.com.  I can accommodate most requests within a short turnaround time.  Also, if a piece you like is sold out, send me an email and I'll contact the artist to see if she can create a similar piece.  In nearly all cases, the artist is happy to do so.

If you have any questions, please email me personally at maren@marenlarsen.com.  Whether you just want to chat about art, request an artist's proof (if available), or even want to have your work considered for showing on this site, please feel free to write anytime.

Thanks for visiting MarenLarsen.com.  Enjoy the site and the artwork!


Maren Larsen